Star Storage World is the one-stop shop for all of your moving needs at our storage facilities. We are here when it comes to moving your items, so let us help you select the materials you need. We know your possession are valuable, so pack them like they're valuable. We have corrugated boxes of all sizes, high-quality wraps, pads, tape, and even storage unit locks. Whether you're moving across town or across the country, we have everything you need to make your move a success. Our assortment of boxes can accommodate virtually any storage or moving need.

Packing and Storage Supplies

  • Single lock with 2 keys

    $10.00 each
  • Double locks, keyed the same

    $18.50 each set of 2
  • #NR nylon rope

    $2.99 each
  • Various Packaging Tapes

    #30T 30 yd. brown tape $2.79 each
    #55T 55 yd. brown tape $3.85 each
    #POLY tape clear $2.95 each
    #40001 tape 2 pk. disp. $5.25 each
  • #TG Tape gun with tape

    $9.95 each
  • #FT60 Tape ship/strap

    $4.85 each roll
  • Mattress Protection Bags

    #MBT twin mattress bag $2.95 each
    #MBF full mattress bag $3.49 each
    #MBQ queen mattress bag $3.95 each
    #MBK king mattress bag $4.95 each
  • Chair and Sofa Covers

    #7007 chair cover $3.95 each
    #7008 sofa cover $3.95 each
  • #RT Ratchet

    $7.95 each
  • #SM Small Box

    $1.70 each
  • #MED Medium Box

    $2.35 each
  • #LG Large Box

    $3.00 each
  • #LW Wardrobe Box

    $6.00 each



Is this your first time using a storage unit?

Storage and Moving Tips

Take a few moments to read someuseful storage tips we've learned over the years.

To best utilize your self storage unit space and to protect your belongings please follow the guidelines below:

- Make a plan of the storage unit and how your items will be arranged.
- Leave an aisle in the center of the storage unit for easy access to the rear.
- Never store food or items that attract pests.
- Never store hazardous materials such as flammable liquids in your self storage unit.
- Keep items off the floor of the storage unit to improve ventilation.
- Use pallets, plywood, corrugated cardboard mats, etc.
- Use the full height to take advantage of your storage unit space.
- Shelving will help organize your space.
- Label boxes on all sides. Keep a list that details contents.
- Store frequently used items near the front. Pack valuables towards the rear, such as stereos.
- Fill boxes to avoid tipping or crushing when stacked, with the heaviest on bottom.
- Disassemble tables, bed frames, cabinets, etc. Label accordingly for easy assembly later.
- Make sure all appliances are clean and dry before storage.
- Wedge refrigerator and freezer doors ajar.
- Rub oil on metal objects to avoid rusting.
- Avoid using plastic to cover belongings.
- Store couches on end, chairs seat to seat, tables upside down with legs pointing up.
- Use dust covers/bedsheets to cover.
- Mirrors, records and flat items should be stored on end, not flat.
- Books should be stored flat, and in small boxes.
- Clothing and drapes should be stored hanging inside wardrobes.
- Use drawers in dressers to store delicate items.
- Check if your belongings are covered by homeowners/renters insurance.
- If not, purchase separate storage insurance.